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Core Values

TMG's Core Values represent the foundation of our company and define who we are and what we believe in.  Our TMG Team is brought together by these common set of beliefs.  Our Core Values are the cornerstone of our character as a company, the drive in how we act, how we expect to be treated, and provides a sound basis for decisions.  TMG's Core Values are:

  • Integrity: At TMG Integrity means being honest and sincere with every connection we make.  Whether that is with our team members, customers, or clients we have built TMG on the foundation of trustworthiness.
  • Competition:  We expect everyone at TMG to have a competitive spirit.  Not necessarily with other people but with one's own self.  We challenge everyone to be a better version of themselves everyday.
  • Tenacity: "The only way people fail in our business is to quit."  Rejection, obstacles, struggles are a part of business and life.  Here at TMG we understand it takes a fierce determination to hit one's goals.
  • Advancement:  All of our positions at TMG are performance based meaning individuals and teams move up based on how hard they work, how much effort that they put in.  There is no glass ceiling, a corporate ladder to climb, or waiting for someone else's approval or position.
  • Creativity:  We encourage everyone at TMG to have a curious mind.  We understand it takes creativity, synergy, brainstorming and collaborating to innovate and be successful at business.